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Variations of Love

Cash Prize $100.00!!!

Winner also receives a gold medal, a gold trophy, and certificate!
All poems about ‘Love’ are accepted (this means good or bad, as we want you to express your true and honest feelings on the theme of the contest)
Poems can be previously published
All languages are accepted
All styles of poetry is accepted
Email submission are NOT accepted.
Multiple submissions are strongly suggested.
06/30/2017 will be the last day to submit for this contest!!!

Win Extra Cash On Twitter

***Early entry is strongly recommended ***

In tribute of the new 2017 “Variations of Love Poetry” Contest, we invite you to share your best advice about the topic of ‘love’ for a chance to win a bonus $50!!!

Share your best wisdom and leave it up to our Realistic Poetry Twitter audience to decide who wins!

Realistic Poetry will select the top 4 contestants and will post all 4 runners up on Twitter to be voted on by our Twitter audience. The contestant that receives the most votes will receive the $50.00 bonus prize!

Win Extra Cash On Facebook

***Early entry is strongly recommended***

Are you a poet who loves to write poetry? If so, here is your chance to win $25 instant cash! The first poem published on the Realistic Poetry International Facebook Poetry page that receives 100 Facebook ‘ hearts’ will receive $25.00 instant cash!

Note: Submit your poems early, as they will be posted in the order received.

***Posting will begin on 06/23/2017***

Good luck, everyone, get your poem(s) in today! 

Real Cash!

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